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Mission Statement

Our goal has always been to guide the future of the Club West Golf property and keep the fate of the land in the hands of our community. We are open to all input from the community. We will consider serious proposals for the land and disseminate the honest details of any proposal to the entire community. A variety of factors and conditions have created a sense of urgency and we will strive for a solution within the year. We understand some divisiveness is inevitable, but we are guided by the principle that every homeowner has a voice and a vote which will ultimately determine what is best for the community.

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The Edge at Foothills Club West Update for 14 February 2020 

Following a meeting with the spokesperson for the Concerned Club West Homeowners group and Sal DiCiccio, the councilman asked that The Edge at Club West:

  1. provide more time for the community to review the proposal
  2. work with the CCWH on their proposal to convert the course to a Preserve
Statement from Taylor Morrison

Despite our continued optimism that a reasonable solution to the issues facing the Club West GC are attainable, we regrettably must inform you that Taylor Morrison has decided to step back from the project.  Per recent discussions with community stakeholders and elected officials it has become apparent that a contingent within the community strongly desires the course to be converted into some type of parkland or preserved open space.

While we are open to this concept, the process of studying a parkland/preserve option would require the re-allocation of resources which are currently required for other projects. We have, therefore, decided to focus our efforts on more near-term projects currently in the pipeline.

We appreciate everyone’s expenditure of time and energy, and hope that in due time we may once again have an opportunity to participate in an endurable solution for the community.

Statement from The Edge team:

Our Statement remains our Mission Statement as posted above. 

The Edge at Foothills Club West held an open house on 29 January 2020, and many of you attended.


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